Types of Green Wall Plants

Different types of vegetation can be used, but there are some limitations based on the type and purpose of the green wall.

Plant Selection is More Permissive Indoors.

While not required, evergreen plants are typically preferred for indoor and outdoor walls due to their durability and aesthetics. Evergreen plants, by definition, must keep their leaves all year. Naturally, this reduces the variety of plants available.

Houseplants and tropical plants are the best choices for indoor green walls. Plants used for indoor walls do not have to withstand extreme temperature changes. However, humidity still varies and can cause problems if not considered.

Some manufacturers, however, resort to using chemically treated moss or plastic plants, which trade-off other benefits (such as air purification) for ease of maintenance.

Selecting suitable plant species for active green walls is even more rigorous than passive green ones. This is due to the active green wall’s air circulation, which can tax the plants. Plants must thus be tested to ensure that they can survive in an active green wall.

Consider the Circumstances and Goals.

Selecting plant species for outdoor green walls is heavily influenced by location and available technology. For example, the walls may necessitate plants that can withstand periods of drought due to a lack of rainwater and built-in irrigation systems.

Outdoor weather conditions affect plants indoors as well because drier-than-usual air causes plants to use more water to maintain an optimal humidity level. Wind, sunlight, and rainfall conditions may be harsher on the greenery higher up in tall facades and outdoor green walls than closer to the streets.

Furthermore, the selection of growth medium and irrigation is linked to the choice of plants. For example, some plants’ roots may be too small and weak to thrive in media other than soil. Different plant species benefit more from rapidly drying growth media than soil.

Furthermore, creating a stable environment for plants is critical to their health. Sudden changes can cause unnecessary stress in plants, leading to problems like diseases or pests.

When choosing plants for a bright and active green wall, special consideration is given to plant resilience. This is due to the air circulation of the green border can be complex for them. Furthermore, each plant’s air purification efficiency is taken into account. Different plants use their root microbes to break down other chemicals in the air.

The right kind of light, irrigation, regular nourishment, and temperature help keep the plants alive. Trimming them also helps to extend the life of the plants. Intelligent and active green walls from professional landscape companies can also optimise the factors mentioned above to ensure the best possible living conditions for the plants.